Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2008: Dog Day Afternoon Benefit Performance...

During the run of Dog Day Afternoon at Theatre Row Theatres - barefoot held a benefit performance for the company that included a Q&A with guests from the Sidney Lumet film: Gary Springer and Sandra Kazan with special guest P.F. Kluge. The Q&A was sponsored by Barefoot Wines & Bubbly and moderated by our very own company member Pamela Seiderman.

In the film directed by Sidney Lumet and screenplay by Frank Pierson (winner of the Academy Award for best screenplay for Dog Day) Gary Springer played the 3rd bank robber, Stevie who managed to escape the bank. Sandra Kazan played Deborah, one of the 7 bank tellers being held hostage. Both discussed what it was like to be in a rehearsal process prior to shooting with Sidney Lumet and Al Pacino. They went on to talk about being on the set and experiences that made a lasting impression on them as they were making movie history. Both couldn't help but comment on how well barefoot had captured the feeling of being back on that set and being held hostage and living the moment to moment experiences of going through the stockholm syndrome that the real people these characters were based on experienced.

P. F. Kluge co-wrote with Thomas Moore the article, Boys In The Bank for LIFE Magazine that was later bought by Warner Bros Pictures and made into the film that it is today. Mr. Kluge talked about his experience with interviewing everyone who had gone through the real ordeal in Brooklyn, New York and what it was like to live through it at the time. Mr. Kluge has been supportive of the stage adaptation since it was first thought of some 6 years ago. After attending a Barefoot Theatre Company production, Blue Collar - two plays by Israel Horovitz at the 78th Street Theatre Lab he insisted and encouraged Producing Artistic Director, Francisco Solorzano to pursue the project.
It was our pleasure to have such artists join us at Theatre Row Theatres.
Extra special thanks to Actor's Equity Association and Theatre Authority, Inc. as well as our sponsor Barefoot Wines & Bubbly.

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