Monday, September 28, 2009


Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 29th at 6:30pm we will present a FREE Reading of Israel Horovitz's The Indian Wants The Bronx at an outdoor location - one of the oldest phone booths still standing in NYC - on the corner of 66th and West End Avenue.

Join us for this special engagement with a running time of just 40 minutes and get the opportunity to hear more about the exciting celebration. Click on image for further info. The reading will feature company member, Mark G. Cisneros and special guests Thomas James Lombardo and Jesse Rudoy. Barefoot Theatre Company's Producing Artistic Director, Francisco Solorzano directs.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


This coming Saturday, Oct 3rd, 2009 at 8pm - we, the Barefoot Theatre Company welcome you to join us as we celebrate 10 amazing years of theater!!! We will present excerpts of some of our most prominent plays including Does A Tiger Wear A Necktie?, Dog Day Afternoon and several Israel Horovitz plays!!! The evening will feature special guest artists including Austin Pendleton, Lynn Cohen and MORE alongside the Barefoot Theatre Company.


Saturday, Oct 3rd, 2009 @ 8pm
American Ballroom Theater
25 West 31st Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Project # 8 a SUCCESS

on Thursday, September 24th, 2009 at 8pm we presented Project #8: Free Reading of Leader and The Honest-To-God Schnozzola by Israel Horovitz as part of our 70/70 Horovitz Project. The reading took place at Freddy's Bar and BACKROOM in Brooklyn's Prospect Heights district. The evening was directed by Barefoot Theatre Company's Producing Artistic Director, Francisco Solorzano and featured Barefoot Theatre Company members: Jeremy Brena, Christopher Whalen, Anika Solveig, Stephen Gracia, Mark G. Cisneros, John Gazzale and special guest artists Betty Hudson, Danelle Eliav, Dan Graff, Ricardo Riethmuller, Penelope Gil and Mindy Cassle.

Keep an eye out for more exciting photos on our facebook page, myspace page and website.

Also - KEEP and eye and ear out for a surprise Project announcement!!! More to come!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Co. Member John Harlacher

Now in its sixth year and at a new location, NIGHTMARE’S fully immersive haunted house takes haunting to a whole new level. Get ready to play your part in NIGHTMARE: VAMPIRES, a unique haunted attraction that unfolds as an original horror story! Set in the Museum of Vampyric Artifacts (MoVa), the world's first vampire museum features antiquities related to vampires from the headlines, in the media and from around the world. However, when MoVa and everyone in it are attacked by blood-lusting maniacs, you won’t just be viewing the exhibits on display…you’ll be running from them! Witness the birth of a new vampire legend! Click here to buy now!

The second event this year is Nightmare 666: A short, sharp and grotesque black magic show featuring a variety of sacrifices, some of them human. Will you be one?

NIGHTMARE has a brand-new location! We're now at NOHO Event Center 623 Broadway at Houston Street (enter on Mercer Street).

John Harlacher (Director, Nightmare: Vampires & Co-Creator of Nightmare:666) is an actor and director. Recent acting work includes the indie feature Love Simple, directed by Mark von Sternberg; Off-Broadway’s Dog Day Afternoon, adapted by Francisco Solorzano; and the revival of Israel Horovitz’s Rats. Both stage productions were produced by The Barefoot Theatre Company, of which he is a member. Directing work includes Cats Can See The Devil, written by Tom X. Chao; the Miami version of Nightmare: Ghost Stories, created by Timothy Haskell; and the feature film Urchin, which he also wrote. Released theatrically and distributed worldwide, Urchin was banned in Malaysia as a “threat to culture.”

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CASTING CALL: 70/70 Horovitz Project

Barefoot Theatre Company's
70/70 Horovitz Project
Mid-East Pieces by Israel Horovitz
(Security, What Strong Fences Make, A Mother's Love, Beirut Rocks)
directed by Eric Nightengale

6 Hotels by Israel Horovitz directed by Michael LoPorto & Pamela Seiderman
(Fiddleheads & Lovers, Audition Play, The Hotel Play)Speaking of Tushy, Fat Guy Gets The Girl, 2nd Violin)

SEEKING: AMIN, 10-14 year old boy who speaks FARSI fluently for Security.
BINKY, Baby-Faced Extremely overweight Male Actor,
30-40 years old for The Fat Guy Gets The Girl.
EVVIE, 30ish, plays Violin professionally for 2nd Violin.
CATHERINE, 30ish, plays Cello professionally for 2nd Violin.

Please send all recommendations, headshots & resumes to
For specific performance schedule & details check out:
No pay but stipend provided as per Actor's Equity Showcase Code.
Four week rehearsal process beginning Oct 5th. Schedules will vary according to schedule conflicts. Performances will take place at the legendary Theatre for the New City in the East Village. Find out more about the 70/70 Horovitz Project at our new website:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Co. Member John Gazzale

Currently appearing in the extended run of Terranova off its most recent success in the New York City Fringe Festival. Check out the interveiw with the cast: We invite you to join us for a special live broadcast from the Italian-American Museum in the heart of Little Italy in New York City when we meet the cast members from New York Fringe Festival’s smash breakout hit play TERRANOVA. To watch, simply click on link or paste into your browser:

DOLCE WELCOMES THE CAST OF TERRANOVA Join us tonight for a special live broadcast from the Italian-American Museum, hosted by William Medici and Bill Russo as they welcome the cast of Terranova, NYC Fringe Festival’s breakout hit play now running through September 22 at the Actor’s Playhouse – for tickets visit or call 866-468-7619. About the play: “Sixteen year-old immigrant Josefina Terranova, abused, bound between the Old World and the New, brutally kills her family choosing freedom by deadly measures in 1906 New York. Terranova chronicles the price of her survival.” For more information visit

Get your tickets now at or call 866-468-7619.Actor’s Playhouse, 100 Seventh Avenue South, New York, NYHere are the remaining dates – Book Now!Friday, September 18 @ 7pmSunday, September 20 @ 3pmMonday, September 21 @ 7pmTuesday, September 22 @ 7pm

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

70/70 Horovitz Project: Project #8

Project # 8 of Barefoot Theatre Company's 70/70 Horovitz Project will be a site-specific reading of the rarely performed and OBIE Award winning play, The Honest-To-God Schnozzola along with the curtain riser Leader. Both readings will be directed by Barefoot's Producing Artistic Director, Francisco Solorzano featuring Barefoot Theatre Company members, Jeremy Brena, Christopher Whalen, Anika Solveig, Amanda Plant, and special guest artists Danelle Eliav and Ricard Riethmuller in the classic short play. Featured in Leader, company members, Mark Cisneros, John Gazzale, Stephen Gracia and special guest artists Penelope Gil and Dan Graff. The FREE reading will take place at Freddy's Bar & BACKROOM (485 Dean Street @ 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217).
Come join us with some drinks and really exciting night of theater you won't forget!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Co. Members Joseph Sousa & Will Allen

Company members Joseph Sousa and Will Allen are currently in Portland, Oregon working on a production of Sousa's full length drama, Teeth of the Sons which was seen in the inaugural bareNaked Reading Series at the Bleecker Street Theatre featuring company members Anna Chlumsky and Christopher Whalen. To find out more about the production visit:

October 2-24, 2009

performing at
The Waterbrook Studio
2109 N. Albina #108
Portland, OR

About the Show

Jacob has found the girl of his dreams. The girl with whom he can marry, start a family, and give the gift of the next generation to his ailing, Holocaust-surviving grandmother. Unfortunately she’s carrying his brother Sam’s child. Jacob will discover that the body can not live without the spirit just as religion can not live without the family, and redemption can only come by rediscovering that which he disavowed.

A family meditation on religious themes. A broken family on the brink. Cain and Abel never had it this hard.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"... first-rate cast of four...Francisco Solorzano is handsome and intense as Douggie Shimmatarro, the son of that mother in the title. Solorzano is touching as Douggie collapses on stage...Solorzano has created several roles in Horovitz plays and is the executive director of the 70/70 Project. As Frankie Verga, and later his twin brother Philly Verga, Christopher Whalen makes a convincingly dense and nasty Frankie, and later a complex and dangerous Philly. Whalen is also a veteran performer in Horovitz plays. The audience at the Sunday premiere gave the cast an enthusiastic standing ovation and an encore bow. Horovitz had an affectionate congratulatory hug for each member of his cast. These performances offer local audiences a rare opportunity to see the famous playwright’s vision in its pure form, as both playwright and director of the production at Gloucester Stage."

"it's quite entertaining, largely because of the energy and conviction of the three actors." – The Phoenix

"a rare, exhilarating glimpse into a raw, alien world." -

"...features four actors whose strong performances will haunt you long after you leave the theater.The cast is first rate. Actor Christopher Whalen rises to the challenge, revealing the dark personalities of the brothers as opposite sides of the same

damaged coin. As Douggie Shimmatarro, Francisco Solozano has the daunting task of learning about his troubled past and struggling against the weight of that inheritance; he is at turns troubled, angry, and lost. Sins of the Mother brings this message of endangerment poignantly and powerfully home." - The Edge

"Whalen manages to infuse each of the twin characters he portrays with something laughable, as well as their individual brands of menace. Douggie and Bobby are more complex, and Solorzano and Walsh connect strongly from the opening scene, skillfully laying out the pieces of the intricate puzzle that will take shape as the play progresses." -

"Under the direction of the playwright, a vibrant cast makes the most of it in a new production of “Sins’’ at Gloucester Stage Company. With his watchful eyes, Solorzano conveys both Douggie’s vulnerability and his tough inner core...Whalen rises expertly to the challenge of playing Frankie and Philly." - The Boston Globe


Monday, September 7, 2009

Anna Chlumsky on 'My Girl' Memories, James Gandolfini Stories & 'In the Loop'

5 Questions With the Former Child Star

In the early '90s, Anna Chlumsky was one of the most recognizable child stars in America. Her turn as the unforgettably named Vada Sultenfuss in 'My Girl' had wowed critics and won the hearts of filmgoers (don't even pretend you weren't choking back tears during that funeral scene). And then, suddenly, she just disappeared.

But don't worry: Chlumsky did not become another washed-up child-star casualty of the Hollywood machine. Instead, she gave up acting to focus on her education, earning a degree in International Relations from the prestigious University of Chicago before going on to a career in book publishing.

Thankfully for fans, the lure of the screen was too much for Anna to ignore, and the now 28-year-old is back on the big screen as a sultry, seductive, very un-Vada-like State Department assistant in the BBC political satire
'In the Loop.' In an exclusive interview, Anna reveals why she's giving acting another go, reminisces about 'My Girl' ... and shares her favorite James Gandolfini story. -- By Tom DiChiara

1. You just returned to movies after a long time away. What got you back into acting?
About five years ago I was working at Harper Collins Publishers -- I was an editorial assistant for science fiction and fantasy -- and that's a very fun job, in my opinion. I love words, and I love goblins and princesses, so it was a blast. However, I was still crying everyday because I was very unhappy. And I think when you go through that, you kind of have to take inventory of all the signs that the universe or God or whoever you want to call it [is giving you]. And I just realized one day that I need to try this again, because I couldn't let go of it. The little Jiminy Cricket that had been on my shoulder for so many years, you know, through college and for those first two years in New York, was very loud and unignorable, telling me I had to get back in -- so I did! I trained over a summer at the Atlantic [Theater], and I never looked back. I did tons of theater, and I still love to do that as well and, you know, I just kind of started beating the pavement again. And here we are five years later!

2. And what was it that drew you to 'In the Loop' specifically?
Oh, gosh! I got the breakdown and went out for the audition, and when I saw BBC Films, my heart leapt a little because I have this kind of irrational fascination with Masterpiece Theater and BBC [laughs]. My father brought me up on [Hercule] Poirot mysteries and Inspector Morris and Dickens miniseries, and I always thought that was unreachable for me because they would very rarely use Americans. So when I saw that I was actually auditioning for something that was put out by the BBC, I was like, "Oh my goodness!" So, that was the first thing that I was excited about. And then the second thing is it was about somebody in the State Department, and when I went to college at the University of Chicago I studied international -- well it was international studies -- but ultimately that's international relations and, you know, I was like 10 minutes away from taking my Foreign Service Exam to work at the State Department. That was the track I was going to go on. Then I was looking at the material and I was like, do I really want to do this? [Laughs] But I thought it was just amazing that I was finally, after all these years, going to put some of my academics to work.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Israel Horovitz's The P-Word

This past Tuesday, September 1st - Gloucester Stage Company presented a reading of a new play by Israel Horovitz, The P-Word co-directed by the playwright and Barefoot Theatre Company Producing Artistic Director, Francisco Solorzano. The presentation is an entry in Barefoot's 70/70 Horovitz Project (a year-long, worldwide festival celebrating Israel Horovitz's 70th Birthday with 70 readings and full productions of his plays).

The P-Word was originally read as part of the bareNaked Reading Series in November of 2008 directed by Francisco Solorzano and then went on to have another reading at the Cherry Lane Theatre for the New York Playwright's Lab featuring Marin Ireland, also directed by Solorzano.

Gloucester Stage Company also currently participating in the 70/70 Horovitz Project with the presentation of Sins of the Mother written and directed by Israel Horovitz and featuring Francisco Solorzano and Christopher Whalen with Robert Walsh and David Nail.

Be sure to check out the upcoming readings, productions and events all across the globe!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Producing Artistic Director, Francisco Solorzano

can be seen in the independent short film AND THE WORLD GOES ROUND at the Route 66 Film Festival on September 19th and 20th in Springfield, IL. The short film was also featured in the CANNES Film Festival in the Short Film Corner. In addition to playing in festivals the short film has been picked up by French Distributors for video and television release all across France. The film features Francisco Solorzano in the lead role with direction by Marie-Juliette Steinsvold.
Pictured is Francisco Solorzano with Patrizia Hernandez at the LA premiere of independent feature Love Simple last month.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


we are proud to announce our 10th Anniversary Season with the continuation of the 70/70 Horovitz Project featuring the Barefoot Theatre Company and special guest artists.

Along with the events listed below - keep an eye out for the return of our bareNaked Reading Series and workshop series, Saturday Night Special at the American Ballroom Theater.

September 2009
Israel Horovitz’s
Honest-to-God Schnozzola
FREE reading of Horovitz's OBIE Award winning short play at Brooklyn’s very own Freddy’s Bar & Backroom. Thursday, September 24th, 2009.

October 2009
Saturday Night Special
Barefoot Theatre Company celebrates its 10th Anniversary Season at the American Ballroom Theater with a reading of one of Horovitz’s classic plays, drinks (sponsored by Zyr Vodka), food, live music; featuring special surprise guest artists!!! Saturday, October 3rd, 2009.

BareNaked Reading Series
FREE evening of Poetry by Israel Horovitz will be read at a prominent NYC poetry club by the Barefoot Theatre Company—exact dates and location TBA. Israel Horovitz’s The P-Word featuring Maia Sage Ermansons – exact dates and location TBA.

Julianne Moore and others will also take part in a special one night only reading to benefit the Barefoot Theatre Company – other events featured in October - readings of The Indian Wants the Bronx, Hopscotch, the 75th, Shooting Gallery & Rats.

November 2009
Theater For The New City presents Barefoot Theatre Company’s
Israel Horovitz’s Mid-East Pieces (Security, A Mother's Love, What Strong Fences Make and Beirut Rocks)
in repertory with
Israel Horovtiz’s 6 Hotels (NYIT Award nominated The Hotel Play; Audition Play and Fat Guy Gets The Girl along with brand new plays: 2nd Violin, Speaking of Tushy, Fiddleheads & Lovers) Featuring Christopher Whalen, Charles Everett, AnaMaria Correa, Gil Ron, Anika Solveig, Diane Mashburn and more!! Directed by Eric Nightengale, Pamela Seiderman, Michael LoPorto. November 4-22, 2009; Admission: $18. (exact dates of plays coming soon)

December 2009
The Horse Trade Theater presents Barefoot Theatre Company’s
Israel Horovitz’s adaptation of
A Christmas Carol: Scrooge & Marley
Featuring John Gazzale as Scrooge and direction by Rob McIntosh. Admission: $18 along with FREE readings of plays such as Morning, CatLady & more during off nights. December 10-24, 2009

Saturday Night Special
One Night Only presentation of Israel Horovitz’s CatLady and workshop of new play by Chiara Monalto. exact date in Dec tba.

March 2010
The New York City Off-Broadway Premiere of
Henry Lumper
featuring the Barefoot Theatre Company exact dates and location tba

CLOSING EVENT for 70/70 Horovitz Project:
March 31, 2010, FREE event will culminate with theatre, music, special guests, food, drinks and more! A theatre Birthday Celebration to remember!!!!!!!

May/June 2010 will feature the development and presentation of works-in-progress.

Keep an eye out for free readings, open rehearsals, a brunch, and workshops to help celebrate ten years of success!
Visit us at
Tickets on sale soon at
All events and dates are subject to change.