Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"... first-rate cast of four...Francisco Solorzano is handsome and intense as Douggie Shimmatarro, the son of that mother in the title. Solorzano is touching as Douggie collapses on stage...Solorzano has created several roles in Horovitz plays and is the executive director of the 70/70 Project. As Frankie Verga, and later his twin brother Philly Verga, Christopher Whalen makes a convincingly dense and nasty Frankie, and later a complex and dangerous Philly. Whalen is also a veteran performer in Horovitz plays. The audience at the Sunday premiere gave the cast an enthusiastic standing ovation and an encore bow. Horovitz had an affectionate congratulatory hug for each member of his cast. These performances offer local audiences a rare opportunity to see the famous playwright’s vision in its pure form, as both playwright and director of the production at Gloucester Stage."



"it's quite entertaining, largely because of the energy and conviction of the three actors." – The Phoenix

"a rare, exhilarating glimpse into a raw, alien world." - http://www.theatermirror.com/LSsinsmomGLOUC.htm

"...features four actors whose strong performances will haunt you long after you leave the theater.The cast is first rate. Actor Christopher Whalen rises to the challenge, revealing the dark personalities of the brothers as opposite sides of the same

damaged coin. As Douggie Shimmatarro, Francisco Solozano has the daunting task of learning about his troubled past and struggling against the weight of that inheritance; he is at turns troubled, angry, and lost. Sins of the Mother brings this message of endangerment poignantly and powerfully home." - The Edge


"Whalen manages to infuse each of the twin characters he portrays with something laughable, as well as their individual brands of menace. Douggie and Bobby are more complex, and Solorzano and Walsh connect strongly from the opening scene, skillfully laying out the pieces of the intricate puzzle that will take shape as the play progresses." - Broadwayworld.com http://broadwayworld.com/article/Sins_of_the_Mother_Dark_Humor_Meets_Menace_20090902

"Under the direction of the playwright, a vibrant cast makes the most of it in a new production of “Sins’’ at Gloucester Stage Company. With his watchful eyes, Solorzano conveys both Douggie’s vulnerability and his tough inner core...Whalen rises expertly to the challenge of playing Frankie and Philly." - The Boston Globe




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