Saturday, September 19, 2009

Co. Member John Gazzale

Currently appearing in the extended run of Terranova off its most recent success in the New York City Fringe Festival. Check out the interveiw with the cast: We invite you to join us for a special live broadcast from the Italian-American Museum in the heart of Little Italy in New York City when we meet the cast members from New York Fringe Festival’s smash breakout hit play TERRANOVA. To watch, simply click on link or paste into your browser:

DOLCE WELCOMES THE CAST OF TERRANOVA Join us tonight for a special live broadcast from the Italian-American Museum, hosted by William Medici and Bill Russo as they welcome the cast of Terranova, NYC Fringe Festival’s breakout hit play now running through September 22 at the Actor’s Playhouse – for tickets visit or call 866-468-7619. About the play: “Sixteen year-old immigrant Josefina Terranova, abused, bound between the Old World and the New, brutally kills her family choosing freedom by deadly measures in 1906 New York. Terranova chronicles the price of her survival.” For more information visit

Get your tickets now at or call 866-468-7619.Actor’s Playhouse, 100 Seventh Avenue South, New York, NYHere are the remaining dates – Book Now!Friday, September 18 @ 7pmSunday, September 20 @ 3pmMonday, September 21 @ 7pmTuesday, September 22 @ 7pm

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