Friday, January 28, 2011

bareNaked Reading Series LA!

Taking up residency at the Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles, California, NYC's Barefoot Theatre Company presents the Inaugural West Coast presentation of the bareNaked Reading Series (no sets, no props, just words). The evenings will feature new plays from emerging and established playwrights followed by a Q&A, Live Music and Free Drinks.

Special Thanks to Tom Oppenheim, Nina Capelli, Johnny Yoder for the residency / collab

The cast includes Barefoot Theatre Company Ensemble Members, Will Allen, Samantha Fontana, Daniel Graff, Therese Plaehn, Joseph Sousa, Christopher Whalen, Victoria Malvagno, Francisco Solorzano, Alona Dadiani, Anika Solveig, Lucy Boyle, Cristina Fernandez, Jessica Langer, along with special guests A.J. Handegard, Heather Roop, students of AOA and more...

WEDNESDAY, February 23, 2010 @ 7pm (Students Only)
Ensemble Workshop with Students of AOA featuring the Barefoot Theatre Company Ensemble and new works by Mike Reiss (writer and producer of The Simpsons).

THURSDAY, February 24, 2010 @ 8pm (Open to General Public)
Collection of New Shorts from Emerging Playwrights that include:
Daniel Graff, Joseph Sousa,Lucy Boyle and more...
Directed by Therese Plaehn, Christopher Whalen, Victoria Malvagno, Francisco Solorzano and more...

FRIDAY, February 25, 2010 @ 8pm (Open to General Public)
West Asheville by Tim Plaehn directed by Nicole Haran

SATURDAY, February 26, 2010 @ 8pm (Open to General Public)
Mid-East Pieces by Israel Horovitz directed by Francisco Solorzano

LIVE MUSIC featuring
The Public Trust
Brothers Jonathan and Benjamin Byram
Gina Pensiero

The Art of Acting Studio,
1017 North Orange Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Phone: 323-601-5310
First Come First Served basis - LIMITED SEATING!

Suggested Donation: $5

All proceeds go towards 2011-2012 Season for the Barefoot Theatre Company including the upcoming Spring Production of Teeth of the Sons by Joseph Sousa, directed by Jason Zimbler and featuring Will Allen and Joseph Sousa at the legendary Cherry Lane Theatre.

Formed in Los Angeles in 2010, The Public Trust is rock n roll with a taste of soul, the smell of funk, and a helluva lot a swagger. Their sound is delicious, and the live show is a party. This runaway rocket is crewed by Mike Rossi, Tyler Fascett, Ben Bostick, Jordan Goldenberg, and The Wizard--Dallas Ybarra. Get into the groove, or let the Public Trust get the groove into you.

The Public Trust, Now on iTunes

Gina Pensiero
a writer and musician who has been known to dabble in lots of other projects, including (but not limited to) DJing, managing the site/label I Am Janet! and booking shows at The Fifty Fifty Space. She writes the award-winning daily music blog One Sweet Song and plays in the indie rock band Palmyra.

She was mostly raised in New Jersey. She now resides in California.
She is always being impressed by her friends and their projects.

Brothers Jonathan and Benjamin Byram create and perform music that has been likened by many who have had the pleasure of listening to their duet textured harmonies and gently ornamented instrumental arrangements to a fresh and stylistically new version of Simon and Garfunkle. Born and raised in Los Angeles by parents whose careers have been in the performance side of the music industry, the brothers were exposed to a large amount of diverse music from an early age, and they learned to love the experience of live performance with a passion that many performers and music fans alike hold fast to today in a time
of ubiquitous recorded media.

Benjamin's unique musical arrangements and style of playing the
ukulele combined with Jonathan's literary and musical education formed the basis for the beginning of their collaboration. Complimenting each other and pushing each other toward new musical horizons that they would have otherwise not explored, Jonathan and Benjamin continue to make time to write, record, and perform as much as possible. Find their first single "Dumbfound" on the iTunes Music Store.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

From Academy Award Nominated writer...

This Fall we featured Jose Rivera's newest play, Adoration Of The Old Woman in our bareNaked Reading Series that featured Ensemble Member Patrizia Hernandez and Francisco Solorzano as well as guest artists Socorro Santiago, Audrey Esparza and J.W. Cortes. Rivera's Screenplay adaptation of On The Road currently finished shooting featuring Viggo Mortensen and Kristen Stewart under the direction of Walter Salles.
We are grateful for having the opportunity to work with such an amazingly talented and generous playwright.

Here's a note from the playwright/screenwriter about working with us:

"This is a collective of dedicated artists doing theatre for all the right reasons and a safe home for playwrights of all kinds. I loved my experience with Barefoot!"


José Rivera’s plays have premiered off-Broadway and been seen at most major theatres in the U.S. and around the world. They include THE HOUSE OF RAMON IGLESIA, THE PROMISE, EACH DAY DIES WITH SLEEP, MARISOL, CLOUD TECTONICS, SUEÑO, THE STREET OF THE SUN, GIANTS HAVE US IN THEIR BOOKS, SONNETS FOR AN OLD CENTURY, BRAINPEOPLE, ADORATION OF THE OLD WOMAN, REFERENCES TO SALVADOR DALI MAKE ME HOT, SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS, MASSACRE (SING TO YOUR CHILDREN), BOLEROS FOR THE DISENCHANTED, PABLO AND ANDREW AT THE ALTAR OF WORDS, HUMAN EMOTIONAL PROCESS, and a new translation of KISS OF THE SPIDERWOMAN. Playwriting honors include two OBIE Awards, a Whiting Foundation Award, a McKnight Fellowship, a Rockefeller Foundation Grant, and a Kennedy Center Grant. On a Fulbright Arts Fellowship he was writer-in-residence at the Royal Court Theatre, London. In 2005 Rivera became the first Puerto Rican nominated for an Academy Award in screenwriting for his first produced screenplay. “The Motorcycle Diaries” (directed by Walter Salles, with Gael Garcia Bernal), was also nominated for a BAFTA Award and a Writers Guild of America Award and Spain’s Goya Award and Argentina’s top screenwriting prize. His film “Trade” was the first film to premiere at the United Nations. Rivera worked on and was fired from “Letters to Juliet.” Currently in production is “On the Road” (Walter Salles, director, Francis Ford Coppola, executive producer, with Kristen Stewart and Viggo Mortenson), “Celestina” will mark Rivera’s feature film directing debut (Esperanza Production). Rivera has served as a creative advisor for the Sundance Screenwriting Lab and has been on the boards of directors of the Sundance Institute, Film Independent, PEN Center West, and Theatre Communications Group. He is a member of the Ensemble Studio Theatre and the LAByrinth Theatre Company and is at work on his first novel, LOVE MAKES THE CITY CRUMBLE. He lives in New York with his wife, actress/producer Sona Tatoyan.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Barefoot Theatre Company is looking for the following roles noted below for Spring Production at The Cherry Lane Theatre. Now in our 12th Season, 2010-2011 we are proud to present the Off-Broadway, New York Premiere of Teeth Of The Sons by Joseph Sousa to be directed by Jason Zimbler, featuring Will Allen and Joseph Sousa. All three artists are members of the Ensemble and we are excited to be returning to the legendary Cherry Lane Theatre after our Co-Founder, Victoria Malvagno's successful and brilliantly directed production ofEmergency Used Candles this past Fall.

If you're interested in reading for any of the roles listed below please submit a headshot and resume to ASAP attn: Nicole Haran.


will take place on Friday, January 21st from 6:30pm-9:30pm at Sankofa Gallery, 32 Union Square East, Suite 205. Sides will be provided once you've been given an audition time.

Pay Involved. Must be willing to rehearse evenings during the week and Saturday days in Parkslope, Brooklyn (F/G Train to 15th Street) 20 mins from Union Square. Rehearsals begin mid to late March (3 weeks of rehearsals) with performances beginning in April (4 week run). See details on performance schedule below.


MADDY, (early 20's) A resilient, spitfire of a girl from a working class Philadelphia suburb. Having most likely rushed into a relationship with charmingly care-free Sam, she's forced to grow up fast when she finds herself without a home upon her parents discovery of her pregnancy. Being transplanted into Jacob's kosher home, in a Jewish neighborhood, Maddy is far from home and comfort. She must decide if there is a future for her and her unborn child in Sam's unsteady arms, or perhaps trust in Jacob's steadfast albeit rigorous lifestyle.

EVELYN (mid 20's) Having grown up in Midwood with Sam and Jacob, she knows them as well as they know themselves. Due to Jacob's notorious relationship with her, her parents sent her off to Israel to subdue the shame she brought on her family. Spending the last several years in Tsfat, Israel's spiritual artists colony, she returns to visit Jacob, calling into question who among them has really changed.

Also looking for UNDERSTUDY for role of SAM (final two performances guaranteed:

SAM, Jacob's older brother. A consummate wanderer. Never quite finding his niche in the city, Sam took off for greener pastures, winding up in Philadelphia. After several years away, Sam returns to Brooklyn looking for a place for he and his pregnant girlfriend Maddy to stay until they get on their feet. Finding Jacob as a now practicing Orthodox Jew, Sam goes toe to toe with his brother, challenging the validity of his conversion, while struggling to live under his brother's newfound rules of the house. Will Allen is cast in role of Sam.

Joseph Sousa is cast in the role of Jacob with Will Allen as Sam.

Jacob (mid 20's), Jewish and Greek. Having grown up in Midwood's Jewish community, Jacob once shunned its orthodoxy, and religious rigor for Brooklyn party scene, being the ultimate wingman for his older brother Sam. However, embittered by Sam's departure from New York, Jacob has found a new lifestyle. Trading his Friday night parties for Temple services, he is beginning to reinvent himself as a fully devout Jew.

Production Details:

Performance Dates: April 20th -May 14th

all performances @ 7pm in addition to a Sat Matinee @ 3pm

The Studio Theatre @ The Cherry Lane Theatre

38 Commerce Street bet Hudson & 7th Ave. South

Thursday, January 13, 2011

From writer/producer of The Simpsons, Mike Reiss...

Ensemble Member, Pamela Seiderman directed the reading of Mike Reiss' short play, Waiting For Waiting For Godot during our 2nd Annual bareNaked Reading Series this past fall at The Cherry Lane Theatre. Here's a note from Mr. Reiss on his experience:

"I loved the immediacy of working with Barefoot Theatre Company -- in writing THE SIMPSONS, there's an eight-month lag between my writing a line and seeing it on screen. And I loved the input you allowed me to have -- I sold a film script recently and didn't know that the movie had been shot till I read about it in


WAITING FOR 'WAITING FOR GODOT' -- a most New Yorky play -- was actually written in Ethiopia on a series of long dull bus rides. I was touched to see the amount of care your cast took with it, and the deftness with which Pamela staged what I considered just a funny title with some jokes attached.

My experience with Barefoot Theatre Co. was literally transformative: I entered the theater as a TV and movie writer and left feeling like a playwright. In the weeks since the play reading, I've set aside all my other projects to concentrate on two new plays. You've opened my eyes to a whole new profession, one that is rewarding in every single way. Except financially."

Mike Reiss (pictured above with Ensemble Member Pamela Seiderman).

Ensemble Member Therese Plaehn

hey Everyone! we are proud to share that our Ensemble Member, Therese Plaehn will be seen in Christopher Shinn's DYING CITY February 3-13, 2011 directed by Peter Richards. The performances will take place at the Opera House Arts at the Stonington Opera House. You'll also be able to see her on the West Coast when we take our bareNaked Reading Series to Los Angeles. for more info visit:
Therese was most recently seen in Dancing At Lughnasa with The Gallery Players as well as in our Fall, 2nd Annual bareNaked Reading Series featuring the works of Kristoffer Diaz, Jason Furlani, and more.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ensemble Members at The Secret Theatre

We are proud to announce that two of our Playwrights, Daniel Graff and Mark von Sternberg have works being presented at The Secret Theatre this month for the 6th Annual Long Island City One Act Festival.

Mark von Sternberg's Lost in Buenos Aires was first seen in our reading series in 2001 then again in 2010's SMASHED. Daniel Graff's Maharaja Palace was first developed during a retreat for Barefoot Studio Pictures and then seen also during SMASHED, a night of short plays in the works at The Sackett in Brooklyn, NY.

Ensemble Member, Jeremy Brena reprises his role in Lost In Buenos Aires as well as Barefoot family member, Andrew McLarty and Mack Exilus . Congratulations to all!

Daniel Graff: Black Man's Dilemma, Maharaja Palace.
Mark von Sternberg: Lost in Buenos Aires
SIX - The Sixth Annual Long Island City One Act Festival is proud to present new work written by predominantly NYC based writers performed by new actors and directed by new directors.

Each year the The Queens Players invite new writers to submit new one acts. Although a predominantly classical acting company like most actors the members of the QP encourage and support the mounting of fresh, new plays every year. The festival takes place over 3 weeks in three stages. The program of plays in the first two weeks are selected by audience votes and the winning plays and casts go on to the final third week climaxing on the closing night with the winning play, playwright and cast being presented with a trophy followed by an after party.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

new WEBSITE live

Check out our new website FACELIFT! Special thanks to our new Web MASTER - Rachel Goldstein and everyone on our Core/Admin Team for the hard work and dedication. We hope you enjoy!!!
We have a lot in store for you following the success of Ensemble Member and Co-Founder, Victoria Malvagno's successful Off-Broadway directorial debut.

up next: bareNaked Reading Series LA and currently in pre-production for our Spring Production of Ensemble Member Joseph Sousa's Teeth of the Son. The New York, Off-Broadway Premiere will be directed by Barefoot Theatre Company Ensemble Member, Jason Zimbler.

Monday, January 3, 2011


We welcome our newest Ensemble Member Josh Iacovelli. Josh will be our Production Manager and we're excited more than ever to have him on board. He was last seen in our FREE reading of Israel Horovitz's adaptation of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge & Marley at The Players Club.

JOSH IACOVELLI - Josh is an actor and has also been designing Off-Broadway productions for the past ten years. He is the in-house Technical Director for the Players Theatre, St. Luke’s Theatre, and the Actors Temple Theatres in NYC . Recent design credits include:The Zero Hour, Phantom of the Opera, Black Angels over Tuskeegee, Cinderella,, A Christmas Carol, Danny and Sylvia, Lansky, Don’t Leave It All to Your Children, Joseph and The Amazing..., Cabaret, The Rise of Dorothy Hale, Treasure Island, Eightballs, The Selfish Giant, At War, Give‘Em Hell, Harry!”, Loader #26, and Annulla. He most recently designed lights for Barefoot Theatre Company's World Premiere production of Emergency Used Candles directed by Victoria Malvagno. Josh has a B.A. from Stockton College and an MFA from The Actors Studio Drama School at The New School University.