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Barefoot Theatre Company is looking for the following roles noted below for Spring Production at The Cherry Lane Theatre. Now in our 12th Season, 2010-2011 we are proud to present the Off-Broadway, New York Premiere of Teeth Of The Sons by Joseph Sousa to be directed by Jason Zimbler, featuring Will Allen and Joseph Sousa. All three artists are members of the Ensemble and we are excited to be returning to the legendary Cherry Lane Theatre after our Co-Founder, Victoria Malvagno's successful and brilliantly directed production ofEmergency Used Candles this past Fall.

If you're interested in reading for any of the roles listed below please submit a headshot and resume to ASAP attn: Nicole Haran.


will take place on Friday, January 21st from 6:30pm-9:30pm at Sankofa Gallery, 32 Union Square East, Suite 205. Sides will be provided once you've been given an audition time.

Pay Involved. Must be willing to rehearse evenings during the week and Saturday days in Parkslope, Brooklyn (F/G Train to 15th Street) 20 mins from Union Square. Rehearsals begin mid to late March (3 weeks of rehearsals) with performances beginning in April (4 week run). See details on performance schedule below.


MADDY, (early 20's) A resilient, spitfire of a girl from a working class Philadelphia suburb. Having most likely rushed into a relationship with charmingly care-free Sam, she's forced to grow up fast when she finds herself without a home upon her parents discovery of her pregnancy. Being transplanted into Jacob's kosher home, in a Jewish neighborhood, Maddy is far from home and comfort. She must decide if there is a future for her and her unborn child in Sam's unsteady arms, or perhaps trust in Jacob's steadfast albeit rigorous lifestyle.

EVELYN (mid 20's) Having grown up in Midwood with Sam and Jacob, she knows them as well as they know themselves. Due to Jacob's notorious relationship with her, her parents sent her off to Israel to subdue the shame she brought on her family. Spending the last several years in Tsfat, Israel's spiritual artists colony, she returns to visit Jacob, calling into question who among them has really changed.

Also looking for UNDERSTUDY for role of SAM (final two performances guaranteed:

SAM, Jacob's older brother. A consummate wanderer. Never quite finding his niche in the city, Sam took off for greener pastures, winding up in Philadelphia. After several years away, Sam returns to Brooklyn looking for a place for he and his pregnant girlfriend Maddy to stay until they get on their feet. Finding Jacob as a now practicing Orthodox Jew, Sam goes toe to toe with his brother, challenging the validity of his conversion, while struggling to live under his brother's newfound rules of the house. Will Allen is cast in role of Sam.

Joseph Sousa is cast in the role of Jacob with Will Allen as Sam.

Jacob (mid 20's), Jewish and Greek. Having grown up in Midwood's Jewish community, Jacob once shunned its orthodoxy, and religious rigor for Brooklyn party scene, being the ultimate wingman for his older brother Sam. However, embittered by Sam's departure from New York, Jacob has found a new lifestyle. Trading his Friday night parties for Temple services, he is beginning to reinvent himself as a fully devout Jew.

Production Details:

Performance Dates: April 20th -May 14th

all performances @ 7pm in addition to a Sat Matinee @ 3pm

The Studio Theatre @ The Cherry Lane Theatre

38 Commerce Street bet Hudson & 7th Ave. South

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