Thursday, January 13, 2011

From writer/producer of The Simpsons, Mike Reiss...

Ensemble Member, Pamela Seiderman directed the reading of Mike Reiss' short play, Waiting For Waiting For Godot during our 2nd Annual bareNaked Reading Series this past fall at The Cherry Lane Theatre. Here's a note from Mr. Reiss on his experience:

"I loved the immediacy of working with Barefoot Theatre Company -- in writing THE SIMPSONS, there's an eight-month lag between my writing a line and seeing it on screen. And I loved the input you allowed me to have -- I sold a film script recently and didn't know that the movie had been shot till I read about it in


WAITING FOR 'WAITING FOR GODOT' -- a most New Yorky play -- was actually written in Ethiopia on a series of long dull bus rides. I was touched to see the amount of care your cast took with it, and the deftness with which Pamela staged what I considered just a funny title with some jokes attached.

My experience with Barefoot Theatre Co. was literally transformative: I entered the theater as a TV and movie writer and left feeling like a playwright. In the weeks since the play reading, I've set aside all my other projects to concentrate on two new plays. You've opened my eyes to a whole new profession, one that is rewarding in every single way. Except financially."

Mike Reiss (pictured above with Ensemble Member Pamela Seiderman).

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