Friday, April 23, 2010

Victoria Malvagno directs Emergency Used Candles!

Ensemble Member, Victoria Malvagno has come on board to direct fellow company member Chiara Montalto in her solo piece, Emergency Used Candles.  EMERGING ARTISTS THEATRE: 
Illuminating Artists New Work Series
One Woman Standing
Written & Performed by Chiara Montalto 
Directed by: Victoria Malvagno

Emergency Used Candles – Get into the grey Buick Century with Writer/Actress Chiara Montalto, as she takes you along with Andrew, her 92 year old Italian- American grandfather around Brooklyn, and on a journey towards adulthood. Along the way experience trips to the Vegas Diner, meatballs, Senior Citizen meetings, Mario the hot EMT, and Mr. Wonder Bread. You have to
live a Century to drive a Century. Originally presented as a part of Barefoot Theatre Company’s 70/70 Horowitz project and Saturday Night Special. Written and Performed by Chiara Montalto, Directed by Theresa Gambacorta.   Saturday, May 1, 2010 (7pm-9pm) TADA Theatre, 15 West 28th Street, 2nd Floor. 

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