Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Here's Why We Need Your Help:

Barefoot Theatre Company's Emergency Used Candles Production Budget for Fall Off-Broadway presentation at the Cherry Lane Theatre written and performed by Chiara Montalto and directed by Victoria Malvagno.

Theater Rental: $15, 750
General Insurance Liability: $300
Publicity/Advertising: $3,500
Postcards: $450
Total: $20,000.

All of the Artists' Fees and Design Budgets have the support of Barefoot Theatre Company's Operating Budget and resources such as Material For The Arts and other generous in-kind donors.

We thank you in advance for your support!!!

Total Donated: $3,165.86 as of 9/15/10.
Need to raise: $ 16,834.14

And EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to all of our donors so far!!!
on behalf of the entire Barefoot Theatre Company, we thank you over and over.

pictured: Top to Bottom: The legendary Cherry Lane Theatre; playwright, actress, Barefoot Theatre Co. Ensemble member, Chiara Montalto; Montalto's Grandfather Andrew aka "Poppy"

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