Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ensemble Member, Daniel Graff...returns in MIC!

Congratulations to Ensemble Member, Daniel Graff for his work on the Fringe Festival production of MIC and it's extended run!!!
Mic. - A play By Brenton Lengel

Sept. 14th – 17th, At Manhattan Theatre Source

For tickets and showtimes visit

...Performances by this ensemble cast are very strong across the board…solid, relatable and heartbreakingly familiar. Mic.examines the experience of creating in a society that does not always support independent efforts. What makes art worth making?

Autonomous Collective and State of Play are proud to present the first extended run of Mic. after its critically acclaimed world premiere in the NY International Fringe Festival. Mic., written by Brenton Lengel and directed by Melinda Prom, examines the New York City underground open mic scene, and the artists who call it home.

Replete with poetry, paintings, stand-up comedy, and performance art, as well as music from real-life NYC artists, Mic. follows musician Joshua Redding on his first night back in NYC. Six months ago, Josh fled to Cody, Wyoming; tonight he returns, ready to play again at Rathskeller’s Open Mic in the East Village. Chance gives him a late slot, allowing time for his old friends to question his disappearance, and for Josh to question himself. But as the denizens of the Rathskeller spill their lives (and beer) across the stage, they realize just how vulnerable they and their basement world really are, while art, sex, and music collide as can only happen in the NYC underground.

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