Saturday, February 18, 2012


Join us next week in Los Angeles, California as we present some of the freshest new plays by both emerging and established playwrights in the business!!! During our bareNaked LA Reading Series you'll also enjoy free drinks and LIVE MUSIC! Check out one of our bands returning this year at the Art Of Acting Studio. Guitarist, Tyler Fascett will also have a new play featured on Thursday, Feb 23rd on the same bill as Jose Rivera's new play. The Public Trust will be seen/heard during the bareNaked LA Reading Series on Tuesday, Feb 21st and Thursday, Feb 23rd.


Formed in Los Angeles in 2010, The Public Trust is a raw and raucous dose of swagger, soul, rock and roll. Laden with infectious hooks and driving rhythms, this runaway rocket is crewed by Mike Rossi (vox), Tyler Fascett(guitar), Ben Bostick (guitar/harmonica), Jordan Goldenberg (bass/keys), and The Wizard--Dallas Ybarra (drums). 2011 marked the release of the band's dual EP's, which are available now on Itunes. The Public Trust brings together rock and funk to create a sound that's undeniably fresh.

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