Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ROCKAWAY (who's who) TREVOR EXTER - musician

Playing LIVE Music for our 7pm presentation of ROCKAWAY today at the Cherry Lane Theatre...

Trevor Exter makes music for nighthawks and dreamers. Mixing Brazilian pop, American soul and restless rock energy with an itinerant vision all his own, his songs travel far and burrow deep. Born in Ithaca, NY, he always played different things but kept coming back to the cello. He sits with the cello and sings, but he plays it weird – like a tiny bass or a big ukulele. He also hits it sometimes.

Facebook: /trevorexter
Twitter: @twixtr

RSVP today at barefootrsvp@aol.com (2pm OR 7pm).
more info  - check out our google calendar at www.barefoottheatrecompany.org OR Visit us on FACEBOOK!!!

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