Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Bicycle Country

Last week to catch A Bicycle Country by Nilo Cruz at The Lion Theater at Theatre Row Theatres featuring Barefoot Theatre Company members onstage and off. This New York Premiere play by Pulitzer Prize winner Nilo Cruz features direction by Gil Ron and cast, Luca Pierucci, Lorraine Rodriguez and Francisco Solorzano with stage management by Joanna Leigh Jacobsen. This production is produced by East 3rd Productions.

Director Gil Ron deftly crafts this production to inhabit two very different stylistic worlds. Ron elicits stellar performances from his ensemble. As the affable Pepe, Francisco Solorzano charts the journey of a reserved, charming young man's visceral decent into madness; his transformation by the seas suggests danger and primacy. Lorraine Rodriguez as Ines is a pillar of steadfastness and femininity. As Cruz's lone female voice, Ines demands some heavy lifting—including oft representing by metaphor the female Cuban demographic—and Rodriguez wades into the challenge with courage, sans inhibition; her penultimate scene aches with a tragic, collision-course trajectory. But it is Luca Pierucci as Julio who is the production's true find...a playing style that is markedly restrained, Pierucci's performance is a marvel of simplicity and generosity. Ever listening, ever reactive, it is impossible to take one's eyes off of Pierucci; he is our avatar in A Bicycle Country, and a welcome contribution to New York's indie theatre scene. - NYTHEATRE.COM

Wednesday-Saturday @ 8pm with a Saturday Matinee @ 2pm.
$18 - ticketcentral.com / theatrerow.org for more information.

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