Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Business Workshop

This past weekend - Barefoot Theatre Company held their first ever workshop on the business of acting - getting an agent and or manager. Several members attended along with actor friends. This was the first of many workshops and playdates set up during the summer for Barefoot. Due to the success of this gathering, we hope to continue to offer these workshops.

Here are a few pics to enjoy. In attendance were Barefoot members, John Gazzale, Maia Sage Ermansons, Christopher Whalen, Francisco Solorzano, Chiara Montalto and guests Gio Perez, Marcela Barrientos, Penelope Gil, Reena Shah.
We will be sure to send more pics on all of our events and playdates - be sure to check out our facebook and myspace page!!! and follow us on Twitter!!!

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