Friday, January 29, 2010

Francisco Solorzano, Israel Horovitz, John Harlacher in LOVE SIMPLE

Later this week and next Love Simple, a romantic comedy featuring Barefoot Thetare Company Producing Artistic Director Francisco Solorzano, Advisory Board Member Israel Horovitz and company member John Harlacher with Barefoot family members Patrizia Hernandez; written and directed by Mark von Sternberg is going to be playing at the Victoria Film Festival in British Columbia, Canada (
Love Simple (3/4) – If only love was that simple. Instead, we have two people who enjoy each other’s company but just can’t reveal their real selves to one another. There is a lot for people to relate to here; the things we hide when we first meet someone to the lies we build to keep the relationship going. Even with some technical roughness of the direction, the two leads are excellent and the film is full of interesting characters and the unique stories they have.

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