Saturday, July 3, 2010

Barefoot Theatre Co. works on sale...

Israel Horovitz's New Shorts - Bridal Dance & Fiddleheads and Lovers & Affection in Time & The Fat Guy Gets the Girl & Beirut Rocks & The Audition Play & The Hotel Play & Cat Lady & Inconsolable & Speaking of Tushy & 2nd Violin & The Race Play~ Israel Horovitz

This brilliant collection of Horovitz’s newest one-act plays can be mixed and matched to form several “theme” evenings.

For example, nine of these plays formed the highly-successful off-Broadway show “Israel Horovitz’s New Shorts” - The Bridal Dance, Affection In Time (The Prologue), The Fat Guy Gets The Girl, Beirut Rocks, The Audition Play, The Hotel Play, Cat-Lady, Inconsolable and The Race Play.

Additionally, six of these plays were joined to create an evening called “6 Hotels” - Fiddleheads and Lovers, Speaking of Tushy, Beirut Rocks, (intermission), The Audition Play, The Hotel Play, 2nd Violin. And recently, an off-Broadway show was created by Barefoot Theatre Company entitled “The Middle-East (in pieces)”, comprising of A Mother’s Love, Security, Beirut Rocks, and What Strong Fences Make

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