Wednesday, June 30, 2010

THANK YOU for helping us make 70/70 Horovitz Project a world wide success!

Thank you to all the artists who participated in our year-long, worldwide festival: 70/70 Horovitz Project.  The festival consisted of readings and productions across the globe of 70 plays by Israel Horovitz which began on his 70th Birthday on March 31st, 2009.  

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to the HOROVITZ FAMILY:  Gillian, Matthew, Rachel, Adam, Hannah and Oliver for all the help and support in celebrating your dad's 70th Birthday!!!

Some artists featured in festival:  
Michael Aronov, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Stuhlbarg, Marin Ireland, John Doman, Jo Bonney, Austin Pendleton, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Sol Frieder, Annabella Sciorra, Lynn Cohen, Ashlie Atkinson, Anna Chlumsky, Francisco Solorzano, Ed Vasallo, Ronald Cohen, Sidney Williams, Victoria Malvagno, Lorraine Rodriguez, Jeremy Brena, Anika Solveig, Joseph Sousa, Will Allen, Danelle Eliav, Kenneth King, Paul Romanello, Dan Graff, Christopher Whalen, Tala Ashe, AnaMaria Correa, Gil Ron, Kristin Wheeler, Kendra Leigh Landon, Maia Sage, Michael Mallard, Ricardo Riethmuller, Luca Pierucci, Gabe Fazio, Roderick Nash, Betty Hudson, John Gazzale, John Harlacher, Shayna Padovano, Chiara Montalto, Sean Meehan, Charles Everett, Lanna Joffrey, Eric Nightengale, Pamela Siederman, Michael LoPorto, David Nail, Brian Claudio Smith, Gordon McConell, Robert Walsh, Alfred Jerome Handegard, Dedra McCord-Ware, Alona Dadiani, Lucas Alifano, Diane Mashburn, Ruben Luque, Mark G. Cisneros, Mindy Cassel, Penelope Gil, Aidan Koehler, Clarice Mazanec, Daniella Rabbani, Jimmy Lopez, and more!!!!!

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