Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teeth of the Sons Production Blog Entry (PLAY HISTORY)


Teeth Of The Sons was initially developed through a Brooklyn College Undergraduate Theater Organization grant. In the spring of 2007, TOTS received its first staged readings at Brooklyn College's New Workshop Theater, and the 78th Street Theatre Lab. Both readings were directed by Vincent Ingrisano.

In 2008 Teeth Of The Sons was selected as the first play to start Barefoot Theatre company's bareNaked Reading Series, directed by Michael LoPorto with Vincent Ingrisano once again. Teeth Of The Sons received its first production in Portland, Oregon in the fall of 2009 where it won Portland's Drammy award for Actor in a Lead Role and Original Script. Barefoot Theatre Company Ensemble Member, Jason Zimbler directed the West Coast production.

Photo: bareNaked Reading Series Premiere featuring from LtoR: Ensemble Members, Anna Chlumsky, Jessica Langer, Christopher Whalen, Will Allen.

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