Thursday, March 31, 2011

Teeth of the Sons Production Blog Entry (INSPIRATION ON WRITING PLAY)


Teeth Of The Sons was inspired by my constant fascination with the delicate balance between the sacred and the profane. Being from a family that contains a mixture of religious scholars and dancing, singing, wine-toasting bards, I've always found that the truth to honest living lies in the grays between the two.

In my final year of undergrad, two of my acting classmates/friends became involved in a new religious life. One, joined a born again church, the other moved to Israel, seemingly over night, and adopted a new orthodox faith, outlook, and decorum (when visiting with one another, we could no longer hug due to our opposite sexes). Myself, a person of faith, who was just discovering the joys of bourbon, beatboxing, and all night revelry in the bars and brownstones of Brooklyn, I was forced to look at my friends who were seemingly moving into a life of dogma as I was moving away from one.

Several years later, my life has once again struck an inexplicable balance, this play meditates on the journey through those times.

- Joseph Sousa (Ensemble Member Since 2009)

photo: playwright Joseph Sousa watching rehearsal of bareNaked Reading Series presentation that featured Ensemble Members, Anna Chlumsky, Christopher Whalen, Jessica Langer and Will Allen.

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