Saturday, August 6, 2011

12th SEASON REVIEW (a look back)...CELEBRATIONS/FALL 2010

During preparation for our Fall Production and putting together our final line-up for our 2010-2011 SEASON, we found a few moments to enjoy some down time with friends, family, drinks and plane ole celebrations!!!

SMASHED, which featured new works took place at The Sackett in Parkslope, Brooklyn. We enjoyed the setting so much that we ventured back a month later on October 24th to simply celebrate the year to come. Special thanks to Michael and Ann Ragolia for allowing us to take shop at The Sackett. The Barefoot Theatre Company met there and discussed future plans and goals beyond the Season...

Soon after the Toast to 2010-2011 SEASON, Producing Artistic Director, Francisco Solorzano returned to the West Coast to meet up with Ensemble Members, Christopher Whalen, Joseph Sousa, Jessica Langer, Cristina Fernandez, Will Allen, Alona Dadiani, Dedra McCord-Ware and Danelle Eliav for the WEST COAST celebration and sneak peek of our Spring Production, Teeth Of the Sons. Ensemble Members, Joseph Sousa and Will Allen read an except for a large audience in the beautiful loft, HIGH-LITE located in the heart of Downtown, Los Angeles. The event was an overall success. We raised a good amount of money for our Spring production.

So, while Ensemble Member, Victoria Malvagno was in Brooklyn, New York rehearsing for our Fall production, several of us were preparing for the Spring production with the event on the West Coast in Los Angeles. Additionally, our 2nd Annual bareNaked Reading Series was beginning to form while our new Literary Manager, Therese Plaehn began work on submissions and recruiting some of the most prolific playwrights, actors, and directors...

Thank you to all who attended our parties, who drank, ate and laughed with us before our 12th Season even began.

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