Monday, February 25, 2013

Ensemble Member, CRISTINA PITTER

CONGRATULATIONS to our Ensemble Member, CRISTINA PITTER for her work as one of THE BATS at THE FLEA...  We're thrilled to have such talented represent our Ensemble.  Keep your eyes on Pitter - she's here to stay!  

Cristina is an actor. singer, dancer, and writer who hails from Long Island, New York. She did a stint in Deltona, Florida for high school where she competed at both District and State level for the International Thespian Society. Cristina has a BFA in Acting from Brooklyn College, and a AS in Theatre from Suffolk County Community College where she also participated as an Irene Ryan Nominee for Odysseus Died From AIDS, and Into The Woods. She is also a member of The Flea Theater's resident acting company, The Bats. Theatre: Cardenio (Brooklyn College, Steve Kaliski), The Eden Project (The Dream Up Festival- Theatre for the New City, Stable Cable Lab Company), Hamlet (Boomerang Theatre Company, Tim Errickson), Gi60: International One Minute Play Festival (US Ensemble, Rose Bonczek), The Demolition Downtown (Brooklyn College, Jason W. Rost), Tallgrass Gothic (Brooklyn College, Justin Ball), The Thugs (Brooklyn College, Welker White), The Trojan Women(Brooklyn College, Elysa Marden). Cristina is very blessed and honored to be a part of the Barefoot familia. 

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