Monday, June 16, 2014

GALA & AWARDS CEREMONY presentation...(6.23.14)

Along with a few other highlights, new works, films, music and poetry from and representing the past 15 years - We are looking forward to giving you a glimpse of our highest grossing, critically acclaimed production: the stage adaptation of DOG DAY AFTERNOON featuring some of the original cast members.  Here's a great review from our production:

"This Dog Has Its Day! The Barefoot Theatre Company took on a mighty challenge recently in turning Sidney Lumet's famous film Dog Day Afternoon into an Off-Broadway play. The movie, after all, was created as much in the editing room as it was by the performance of its extraordinary cast led by Al Pacino. But damn if they didn't put on a rough and ready version of that script; this was a vibrant and exciting piece of stagecraft that deserves to be remounted in front of a larger audience. Even more impressive was Francisco Solorzano's tight, muscular direction of the piece done with a large, talented cast in one intermissionless act. Solorzano in the Pacino role of Sonny...throwing himself into it with gleeful zest.... Simply put, we were mighty impressed with this production. " 

- THE DRAMA DESK / Siegal Column 

pictured: Jeremy Brena as Sal & Francisco Solorzano as Sonny.

more info on the GALA & AWARDS CEREMONY:


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